Plan your bike trip

Plan your bike trip

For your convenience we have divided the route into eight one-day stages of up to 70 km each, which of course also includes the short stretch from the Belgian border to Maastricht. This will help you with planning your trip. Feel free to make your own choices, though.

  • Border

    Border - Maastricht

    Distance: 7.5 kilometres

    The Maas enters the Netherlands south of Maastricht and has already travelled quite a long way by then. La Meuse, or the Maas, rises on the Langres plateau in the east of France and has covered 739 kilometres before it reaches the Netherlands. It ...


    • The Maas has covered a distance of 739 kilometres already
    • You’ll only cross the Maas once
  • Maastricht
    Ohé en Laak

    Maastricht - Ohé en Laak

    Distance: 46.8 kilometres

    In this part of the route, man and river are working together harmoniously to create a new river landscape. In this Limburg landscape, the Maas has been the architect for many centuries. It’s the Maas Valley, where river channels are created due ...


    • Train station close to the start and end point
    • You’ll cross the Julianakanaal three times
    • Photo location: Recentoren Maastricht
  • Ohé en Laak

    Ohé en Laak - Venlo

    Distance: 62 kilometres

    After Ohé en Laak the view changes. You are now entering the largest continuous water sports area in the Netherlands: the Maasplassen. On summer days, the marinas and beaches are characterized by an exuberant, lively atmosphere. The Maasplassen cover an area of around ...


    • 2 ferries
    • Many organized boat tours along the route
    • Photo location: Hydroelectric power plant Linne
  • Venlo

    Venlo - Boxmeer

    Distance: 58 kilometres

    The last, but not least, part of Limburg awaits you. On the east side of the Maas you’ll find the largest river dune area in the Netherlands, named the Maasduinen National Park. On the west side you cycle through the only Dutch ...


    • 3 ferries
    • Last bit of Limburg
    • Photo location: Lock Maasduinen NP
    • UNESCO Maasheggen
  • Boxmeer

    Boxmeer - Maasbommel

    Distance: 60.6 kilometres

    In North Brabant you cycle in northwestern direction through another unique landscape: it’s the oldest cultural landscape in the Netherlands. In the Maasheggen area, as it’s called, you cycle through a mosaic of small meadows in the floodplains, enclosed by braided ...


    • 2 ferries
    • Cycling through the Rhine delta
    • Photo location: Museum Ceucleum
  • Maasbommel

    Maasbommel - Aalst

    Distance: 53.2 kilometres

    Near Heusden you say goodbye to the Maas: officially this is where the river ends. You enter an area where considerable work has been done on the river since the Middle Ages. It has been dammed, rerouted, even dug again. The water continues ...


    • 4 ferries
    • Many dyke houses
    • You follow the Afgedamde Maas
    • Photo location: Lithoijense Dijk

    Horeca & logies

  • Aalst

    Aalst - Dordrecht

    Distance: 60 kilometres

    After Woudrichem you truly enter the low countries. You’re cycling below sea level. You’ll definitely notice the proximity to the sea when you ride into the Biesbosch National Park. Thanks to an open connection with the sea, this river delta with ...


    • Only 1 ferry
    • You cycle below sea level
    • Biesbosch NP
    • Photo location: Loevestein Castle
  • Dordrecht

    Dordrecht - Oostvoorne

    Distance: 70 kilometres

    After Dordrecht we join the Oude Maas, through which the Maas flowed into the sea before people in medieval times decided to have it discharge into the Waal. So, in fact, we’re now cycling along the original Maas again. And on the ...


    • Only 1 ferry
    • You cycle along the original Maas again
    • You see remarkable migratory and water birds
    • Photo location: Brielle
  • Oostvoorne

    Oostvoorne - Rotterdam

    Distance: 70 kilometres The route still continues for a bit, because you’re not completely finished with the Maas. Between the sea and the Oostvoornse Meer you cycle north towards the Maasvlakte. Beautiful may not be the right word, but it’s certainly impressive to cycle through one ...


    • Last ferry
    • Maeslantkering
    • Nieuwe Waterweg
    • Photo location: Erasmusbrug

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