Cross the border

Can’t get enough of the Maas? Then you can continue riding the international Meuse Cycle Route. The EuroVelo 19 is about 1166 km in length, stretching between the North Sea and Langres in France.

logo internationale Maasfietsroutelogo EuroVelo 19The LF Maas Route is the Dutch part of the International Meuse Cycle Route, which lets you follow the Maas from its source in the French Vosges. It takes you through the Belgian Ardennes and the Dutch Maas delta to the river’s mouth at Hoek van Holland, ending in the ‘Maas City’ of Rotterdam. Since March 2019 the route forms part of the EuroVelo network, as EuroVelo 19.

The International Meuse Route is recognizable everywhere by the Meuse Cycle Route logo on the route signs.

The website highlights the entire international route.