Stories & Experiences

Juan Pique Garcia

It was a really good experience, having the Maas as a constant companion while taking small detours to visit the nearby villages.

I was very lucky with the weather this time of the year too. It was a fantastic way to see more of the country and feel connected to it. The many ferry crossings got a little tiring as in a few occasions the service had stopped for the day, or even the season, and I had to find an alternative route to get to my planned destination for the day. I took it as a challenge to complete it in 3 days, which meant long days on the bike, but it was definitely worth it. I may go back next year to either do it "properly" and really take the time to stop in places that catch my eye, or go for a non-stop adventure and cover the 480km as quickly as possible. For that, I'll make sure to plan the route to go over bridges as much as possible. For the last day, instead of following the route as indicated in the app and crossing directly to Maasluis from Rozenburg, I decided to get to Maasvlakte first to get to the end of the river.